Bardic Musings

Shadrach Anki
8 February
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I currently work as a Development Project Administrator in the New England area, and I have a lot of (potentially) geeky interests. At present my primary interests are books/reading, knitting, jewelry design, and writing. My personal library has the distressing tendency to outgrow whatever space I give it, and my yarn and bead stashes display the same behavior.

When I get the chance I also quite enjoy playing games, primarily board and card games or tabletop RPGs. Some of my favorites include Settlers of Catan, Carcassone, Boggle, Ligretto, and Trivial Pursuit. I also enjoy playing console and computer games, but this has become a much more occasional thing of late since I prefer to spend my time on other pursuits (and I really don't feel proficient in most console/computer games).