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This morning I ran into the first bad bit of traffic I've experienced since school started, and it reaffirmed the fact that I cannot leave the house after 7:42 if I want to be to work on time. It also proved that (at least on this occasion) 8:03 is not considered truly late. I'm not going to push that, though...if I had planned better I would have been on time. Since I know what went wrong this time, I know what to do to fix it tomorrow. That's really the important thing.

At Institute this evening we completed our study of the Book of Mormon, and in two weeks we will be starting on the Old Testament. I enjoyed the discussion we had, and I was good and stayed after for socialization. During the course of all this, I was reminded of--and invited to--the opening social for the Cambridge Institute, which will be tomorrow evening. While it might make tomorrow a bit later than I would normally stay out, it should be a fun time, and I'm looking forward to it.

After Institute I made a run to Barnes & Noble to pick up a couple books I had waiting for me. The organization, or lack thereof, that some sections of the store have is well, appalling. Take, for example, their manga. Not only is it separated into two groups (on opposite sides of the store, no less), but people apparently don't know how to alphabetize to save their lives. There are similar problems in the YA/Teen books. I have to admit to doing some organizing just so it would bug me less, and I shudder to think at what working there during a holiday rush must be like (or on a Harry Potter release night).

The organization at Borders is only marginally better; less instances of poor alphabetization, but really weird organizational decisions. *sigh* I wish that there were stores that made sense when it came to things like that, but when even the public library has problems I guess I shouldn't be too hopeful. This is one of the reasons I like LibraryThing. Even if the bookstores and public libraries don't make sense, I can organize my own library in a way that does.
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